Our Approach

Palladyne regards a structured and innovative investment process as the most important condition in asset management and investment solutions.

Only a clear, well-organised and disciplined process leads to consistent, optimised returns. In the complex financial markets of today, only the investors who are able to filter the relevant information from available data and transform it into investment policy, can successfully refine their portfolios to new trends and developments.

In our view, asset management is about providing our clients with total solutions to meet their investment needs. Our total solutions approach begins with the client - we discuss investment goals to understand their unique needs and situation. We derive a client profile which reflects the clients’ values, income, risk tolerance, existing liabilities and future expectations before determining an appropriate investment solution. Having established the total investment solution leads to the creation of a personal investment profile including strategic allocation.

Palladyne uses a unique investment process, based on the Man & Machine concept, which combines traditional fundamental analysis with quantitative tools to support a well-structured transparent decision process and deliver consistent optimized returns for our clients.. Our approach ensures a consistent and well-structured decision process which combines both judgmental and historical data within our multi factor econometric models.   

Analysis starts from a very broad range of securities in each of the asset classes, covering at least 95% per asset class, and securities which are thoroughly analysed and ranked. A constraints filter is then used to qualify the securities according to pre-established criteria generating a screened universe of securities. These securities are then further classified according to a stratified sampling method and allocated according to their ranking per category to produce an optimal portfolio per asset class. Next, we will match these optimised portfolios according to the client’s investment profile.

Our research and development team continuously refine the factors per asset class, to improve data collection and data quality. The factors and associated weights are regularly challenged and updated per asset class.